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firmware antminer


05.05.2022 10:19

Mining equipment owners are often looking for ways that will allow them to earn more from mining cryptocurrency. Clients use a simple life hack to significantly increase their mining income. This becomes possible with the help of custom firmware, which is able to increase the hashrate of the equipment and reduce its power consumption.

# Aleks45

06.05.2022 09:29

How mining works is quick, short and clear - there are certain blocks that are created with the help of huge computing power. In fact, they encrypt transactions, and this requires computing power.
Now there are two main ways to mine cryptocurrency: Video cards and ASICs


06.05.2022 10:11

Unfortunately, I could not delve into the topic of cryptocurrency. Although, I first learned about bitcoin back in 2014. Many acquaintances got rich on the crypt without particularly straining. But the ruble and the dollar are also not bad, although the yield is several times less. I think that it is not too late to study the topic of cryptocurrency.



06.05.2022 10:53

Regardless of whether you decide to flash your firmware antminer ,with a fresh standard firmware or a third-party solution, remember that a well-flashed ASIC is a well-functioning ASIC. And finally, do not forget to check the data that your pool supports the new firmware version. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time rolling back your miner to the previous firmware version.


08.05.2022 10:36

It is also worth noting that the power supplies supplied with the miners may not be able to cope with the increased power consumption of ASICs after an increase in the hash rate. The same can be said about the standard air-cooling which is not rated for 4000W instead of 3100W. In this case, immersion cooling is supposed to be used.
Increasing the performance of ASIC miners from firmware antminer Available in both manual and auto mode. The developers do not recommend using manual frequency and voltage adjustments in excess of 20% of the nominal value.


08.05.2022 17:10

Thanks for the info.


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